Frequently asked questions

What is Divinity?

Divinity can best be described as a confection that falls somewhere between fudge and italian meringue in the way that it is made. Divinity's finished texture can range anywhere from slightly crunchy, (similar to those exquisite buttercream dinner mints we all love), to soft like marshmallow to somewhat chewy like a nougat. In my experience, most people enjoy that light, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth texture over the nougat. It's all good. There is really no right or wrong texture. Most of the divinity I make will have that crispness or be just a little bit soft depending on the flavors used.

Isn't Divinity Difficult to Make?

There is a collective belief that divinity can only be made when certain weather and barometric conditions exist or it won't set correctly. I make divinity several times a week and while I have had batch failures, with all else being equal in my process, the reasons for those fails had more to do with what I was doing or adding than they ever did with weather. Working with sugar and egg white can be tricky because sugar is a humectant, which means it actually pulls extra moisture out of the air and egg whites are just plain finicky about what you "do" to them in them in the first place. One wrong ingredient added at the wrong time or in the wrong place and I have watched entire divinity batches deflate before my bewildering eyes. UGH! My best advice, simply resist any temptation to screw with your meringue by treating it with the reverance it deserves and it will behave. Generally I have not found divinity to be particularly challenging to make, which might be why I'm able to offer it year round in a variety of temting flavors that will leave you indecisively podering over which ones to try first.

What Kind of Ingredients Does Divinity Contain?

All of my divinity is made with pure cane sugar, corn syrup, bottled water, whipped egg white, natural and/or organic flavors and just a few pinches of sea salt. Some recipes may contain cream of tartar or additives such as coconut. Check the label for additives you may be allergic to or feel free to contact me with questions about a particular flavor.

Is Divinity Vegan?

No. Divinity contains egg white. Additionally, bone char is used as a bleacher in C&H cane sugar processing.

Is Divinity Dairy Free?

Yes. My basic divinity recipe is dairy free. Occassionaly dairy will be found in flavors such as Vanilla Caramel Swirl divinity, which is made with caramel and contains locally sourced, organic butter and cream.

Does Whip Me Sweetly Divinity Contain Nuts or Soy?

No. All of my divinity is made without soy ingredients of any kind. I understand that nuts can be an issue for some so I have chosen to keep my divinity nut free. Some divinity may contain shredded coconut, which will mostly be evident in any flavor labeled with the word "coconut." For all you nut lovers, I am happy to accommodate custom orders for divinity containing the nut of your choice.

How is Divinity Made?

Divinity is made by pouring a hot sugar syrup into whipped egg white. The two are whipped vigoursly until the candy begins to set at which point it is scooped or molded and then left uncovered at room temperature to set completely.

Is Divinity Gluten Free?

Yes Divinity is a naturally gluten free product as it contains no wheat based ingredients.

Does Whip Me Sweetly Use Food Colorings That Contain Dyes?

Some do, Yes. While I do my best to source colors that are dye free, some may contain artificial dyes. If you are unsure about a particular flavor or I have not disclosed alergen information in the item description, feel free to contact me before you order.

What is Your Favorite Flavor?

Lol, I basically gave birth to a plethora of flavored divinity candies and asking me this question is like asking me to choose a favorite child. I can honestly say that overall, every time I bite into my own candy (and I eat a lot of it) I think to myself "My gawd I make awesome divinity!" Based on my own taste and what I hear from customers, I am constantly evaluating and refining my flavors. It's trial and error, but that's the fun part for me. If it helps, I am faced with the same dilema you are over which flavor I would like to indulge in at any particular time and that's because they are all so good.

Do you Have a Variety Pack?

Whip Me Sweetly does not make a "variety pack" per se. Early on, we did try combining 4 flavors in a single pack and it didn't work well. The flavors intermingled so much so that they all tasted the same and that's not really how we would like for our customers to experience these magnificent flavors. We do make what are called "Flavor Duos" that contain 2 flavors that we think compliment each other and would make a great flavor combination. Some examples include French Vanilla and Maraschino Cherry (cherry-vanilla) or Lavender Cream and Luscious Lemon (lemon-lavender). We're open to suggestions so if you have a request, shoot us an e-mail and tells us about your flavor idea. If we decide to make it, we will feature you on our blog. ;)

What is Your Most Popular Flavor?

Overall, I'm going to say any of the vanilla flavors are always a hit. Customers who already know and have tried divinity in the past have only ever experienced vanilla because that's the only flavor divinity was originally made with. Vanilla is the most traditional and widely known divinity flavor. Outside of that, popular flavors can depend largely on what flavors I happen to be sampling on any given day. For example, Sugared Violet sells very well when I happen to be giving out samples.

How Long Will Divinity Keep?

Divinity candy will keep for several months as long as it is stored in some kind of air tight or sealed container. We recommend a ziploc bag or tupperware container as storing in any kind of paper will eventually dry the candy out and make biting into it more of a challenge. Based on our experience, divinity flavor will eventually start to deteriorate and 6 months is about as long as we would store this candy before tossing it out. We certainly encourage you to let your own pallet be your guide as some flavors may stay fresher longer than others.

Do You Take Custom Orders?

Of course! We would love to help cater your next event. Here are a few things to keep in mind when requesting a quote: We have a 24 piece minimum order of any confection or pastry on custom orders. Please allow at least two weeks notice for orders of 100 or more pieces/cookies/marshmallow. Delivery within 15 miles of the Monroe area is included with orders of this size or larger. Delivery outside of this radius is negotiable with an additional fee. Towers are available for rent upon request. Marshmallow bars come stocked with marshmallow and/or marshmallow crunch. Don't see a flavor you were hoping for? We can work with you on flavors not currently offered, however, keep in mind that since our flavors are made to order, getting your requested flavor in stock may add up to 10 additional days to turn your order around. As a one-woman shop, we do not currently accept orders via phone nor do we accept payment via email, but will respond to your online request usually within 1 business day.




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