The best advantage of Visitor Authentication & Management Software includes security and safety of premise and employee, money and time saving, efficiency, customer satisfaction

QR Code

Instead of typing the personal or specific information, visitor management system Qr code scanning lets the visitor identify themselves easily

Multiple Versions

With multiple versions and a variety of solutions available, visitor management system for industries allows the business to make a difference by bringing multiple facilities.

Hardware Integration

With the option of hardware detailed scanning by Visitor Authentication & Management Software, an intelligent version of it allows businesses to integrate with other software and hardware.

Mobile Verification

Mobile verification by Visitor Authentication & Management Software online eases the whole verification process, reduces time and cost and accelerates productivity while ensuring highest safety and security.

Photo Verifications

With the aim to simplify the check-in process, collect information, and keep the premise secure, visitor management system photo verification feature plays a vital role.

Daily Reports

Along with increasing the safety and providing daily reports, cost saving and time saving Visitor Authentication & Management Systems make the business stand out in crowded competitions.

Mobile and Email Alert

Mobile and email Visitor Authentication & Management Systems allow to get real-time, instant alerts and notifications and gives control over the verification process even from another location.