How we automated Visitor Management for an LEED Pre certified Commercial Building, Nairobi, Kenya.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019


120,000 Square Feet Area · 1000 Visitors a day · 412 Parking Bays


The Commercial Building needed a Visitor Management System which worked for Vehicular & Pedestrian Visitors capturing authenticated data via a visitor friendly process


VAMS® Commercial Advanced was deployed with integration for Kiosk with real time encoding of Access Card & ANPR Camera for Vehicular Visitors. Pedestrian Visitors were handled by the standard Visitor Registration & Check In Process.


Vehicular Visitor


  • Visitor drives up to the Entry Gate Flap Barrier.

  • Presses a button on the kiosk from the car itself.

  • Camera captures driver photograph; ANPR camera captures the car number plate, encoded Access Card is released by the Kiosk; Flap Barrier is raised


  • Visitor drives to the Exit Gate Flap Barrier.

  • Inserts the Access Card into the dropbox .

  • Camera takes driver photograph; ANPR camera captures and matches the car number with the Access Card data. If the car number matches with the entry data, the Flap Barrier is raised.

Pedestrian Visitor


  • Visitor provides all personal data to the receptionist.

  • VAMS® Commercial Application generates an OTP (one-time password) on the Visitor Mobile Number via SMS/Text.

  • Receptionist provides an encoded Access Card through the VAMS® Commercial Application.

  • VAMS® Commercial Application sends the data to the Access Control System allowing the Visitor Access via the turnstiles.


  • Visitor Access Card is scanned at the reception.

  • Access Card privileges are revoked from the Access Control System.


Traceable Data for both Vehicular & Pedestrian Visitors

Manpower cost reduction

Vehicular Gate automated

Reduced Visitor Processing Time


  1. Suprema Biostar Access Encoders & Readers

  2. ARH ANPR Camera

  3. Kiosk with Card Dispenser and Dropbox


V-Authenticate is a leading provider of Visitor Management Systems. Pioneering the Visitor Authentication process, V-Authenticate offers specialized solutions for Corporates, Commercial Buildings & Complexes, Residential Buildings & Townships. Used by a number of Fortune 500 companies, leading Commercial Projects & flagship Residential Properties, VAMS® (Visitor Authentication & Management System) is used at 1000+ locations in 13 countries.

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