Diamond Exchange in Mumbai, India.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


  • The World’s Largest Diamond Exchange.

  • 20 acres with 26 towers of 9 floors each.

  • Housing around 2500 Diamond Traders, Customs House, Banks & other Service Providers.

  • $ 5 Billion in precious goods on-site at any time.


With around 5,000 visitors a day, who needed to be pre-authorized by the tenants and then have their personal ids recorded by the security at multiple visitor gates, visitor registration & check-in took an average of 5 minutes and wait times could reach 20 minutes for registration.


The Diamond Exchange selected V-Authenticate to provide VAMS® Hi Secure with Host and Visitor Mobile APP’s, Tablet, Kiosk & Mobile Registration APP with the Security & Real-Time Dashboard & Monitoring Module and a Bio-metric Visitor Registration Process (for first-time visitors). After implementation, the Visitor’s Process is down for 30 seconds for all repeat visitors which make up 95+% of daily visitors. First Time Visitors take 5 minutes with the highly secure Bio-metric Process.


The Web, Mobile app & Desktop based solution is easily accessible from any PC, Tablet or Mobile device and allows both host & visitor to arrange a meeting.

Visitor Request: When requesting a meeting, visitors who access the application, input their personal information (one time) and meeting specifics. When this data is uploaded, the intended host receives an electronic approval request. Once the host approves the meeting request, the visitor subsequently receives in-app notification, e-mail or SMS confirmation which includes a QR code containing the relevant visit details.

Host Request: The Host can enter the Visitor Details on the Mobile or Web Application. The Visitor will receive an in-app notification, email or SMS with the QR code containing the visit details

Visitor Check-In: Upon arriving at the Diamond Exchange Security Gate, the visitor displays their QR code (on their phone) and is allowed access to the host’s meeting location. The visitor is also tracked by the system as when they exit the Exchange. The application can track Visitor access to individual buildings if required.

As a result, the process of visitor authentication is simply made convenient, secure and cost-efficient. This installation is beneficial primarily because it saves a lot of time and effort of the security personnel and smoothens the procedure to safely permit entry in the premises.

The training of the members, the security guards, the complex admin, and the complex security admin was carried out by using user manuals, personal training, and on-ground support to ensure an effortless process for the entry, exit, and authentication of the visitors along with the making and approval of appointments.

Visitor Management System - Diamond Bourse case study


There has been a 70% reduction in labor due to the reduced number of guards needed to process visitors.
Cost of printing badges eliminated. Visitors use on-screen QR codes on their phones via Visitor App or QR code link via text/SMS.
Convenience. Registration & check in time per visitor has been reduced to 30 seconds (down from 5-7 minutes).
Security risk lessened by validation of visitor’s identity and eliminating entry of Black Listed people
Safety enhanced by providing Real Time Analytics on Visitor Moveme


(Visitor Authentication & Management System)

VAMS® is a leading provider of Visitor Management Systems. Pioneering the Visitor Authentication process, V-Authenticate offers specialized solutions for Corporates, Commercial Buildings & Complexes, Residential Buildings & Townships. Used by a number of Fortune 500 companies, leading Commercial Projects & flagship Residential Properties, VAMS® is used at 1000+ locations in 13 countries.

For more information please visit http://www.vamsglobal.com.

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