Commercial Visitor Authentication & Management Systems for school and small business is becoming inevitable day-by-day to facilitate safety and brand image. Monitoring, controlling and automating access of school/college campus and office building becomes easier because of VAMS®. Commercial Visitor Authentication Management Systems not only enhances the security and professionalism of the organization but also creates a very positive first impression that serves several organizational purposes. With the help of an efficient VAMS®, school/college campuses, organizations, offices, factories become able to eliminate long queue, increase visitor satisfaction through quick authentication and registration process. It reduces security and facility overheads, time of processing, vehicle misuse, false fuel claims, material pilferage, etc. Commercial VAMS also elevates emergency response of organizations through alert, alarm, notification, and such digital means.

Standard Commercial

Visitor Authentication

Visitor Authentication is the process of cost-effective, two factors, and web-based Visitor Authentication & Management Systems designed to secure your system and premise from fraudulent visitors.


Visitor management software for Kiosk is the system and user interface software designed to offer remote monitoring and controlling user interactions, activities from another location.

Favourite Frequent Visitors

Favourite frequent visitors are those who visit your premise very often and monitoring them becomes easy by providing a unique verification badge for regular visitors.


Visitor Authentication & Management System for Tablet, Laptop and Desktop is compatible with multiple devices and stores visitor data digitally on the cloud for the prompt access.

Host & Visitor Mobile Apps

Host and Visitor Mobile Apps are the Visitor Authentication & Management System for Android and iOS Apps that come with the solution for tracking and monitoring visitors.

Pre-appointment Scheduling

Pre-appointment scheduling is the cloud-based appointment scheduling software for corporates and commercials that allows business owners or individuals to manage their appointments and pre-appointments online.

Login/Logout Capability per tenant

Login and Logout Capability per tenant is a commercial feature that is available in both manual and automated process for entry and exit of the Visitors. Moreover, you will get a separate report of each and every tenant.

Customizable Visitor Entry Pass

Customizable visitor entry pass is an advanced option that creates access pass for visitor management system with visitor name, photograph, contact details, etc. in a customized process.

Contractor Module Integration

Contractor Module Integration helps to manage compliance information for contractors and other construction documentation and allow pre-printed passes for contractors working on your premises

Advanced Commercial

All Standard Features +

Standard features of our Visitor Authentication & Management System are the best security solution for you to start securing your business or organization.

Access Control

Access control is a security technique that regulates who can visit your premise or view your resources where visitor badge system for access control is an advanced option.

Turnstile Integration

Turnstile integration improves security experience by offering superior access control. Turnstile entry point software for visitor management integrates with a building access control system easily.

Material Management Integration

Material management feature consists of an Automated approach of planning, controlling, and organizing all those activities principally concerned with the flow of material into an organization.

We offer customized 



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